After many car rides filled with episodes of the Stuff You Should Know podcast with the famous Chuck and Josh, my son Kai said, "Hey, we should make our own podcast!" Being fresh unschoolers ourselves, we decided to dive right in and start exploring topics of Kai's interest. Each episode is a different interest of Kai's. Our process is this:
  1. We figure out what we already know about the topic. 
  2. We figure out what we want to know about the topic.
  3. We research as much as we can and attempt to answer our questions using the library, YouTube, the internet, museums, etc. We love including new, fascinating facts we weren't even looking for!
  4. We organize our findings.
  5. We present our information to you!
They are available on almost any listening platform. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or episode suggestions! Enjoy!

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Oh, and check out Kai in front of our C-17 Globemaster chalk drawing.